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Hearts Afire Love is a wonderful gift from Oshun. It is the reason mankind hasn’t died out. Every creature from the tiniest microbe to the largest sea mammal seeks some sort of union and affection in its way. As crucial as love is to life though, it can be wrought with fear and frustration. To help clear away some confusion and figure out whether you are compatible with someone you love, or if there may be some problem, I do a love reading. It’s a fast way to at least know where things stand at the moment.

This “automatic” love reading engine is fueled by daily observance as well as special offerings to Orisha Orunmila, Ogun, and Sheloya’s personal spirit allies, to promote accuracy. It is provided for cultural and entertainment purposes only, and not meant to replace professional advice or therapy. There is very little chance that the reading will come out totally wrong, but if it seems a bit grim it doesn’t mean all is definitely lost. On the other hand, even if it is relatively positive, it doesn’t mean that nothing can go wrong. Though the road may be somewhat predestined, how we choose to travel and our attitude about it is still up to the individual.

If you just want to know quickly what the Orishas have to say about your relationship right now, here it is:


Eshu has closed the way back.

This means you cannot return to where you were or to whom you were with. You may only move forward or it will stop where it is.

If you are currently with someone and you have not made a claim or they haven’t then you both need to commit to one another or the relationship will break.

If you have left someone or they have left you, then you may not go back. Either they won’t accept you or it will break even if they do.

If you are in a stable, committed relationship, this means that there is something from the past that must not be allowed to affect your relationship anymore in the future. It may not seem like a threat, but it is. Be cautious especially of ex partners.

The Ancestors want children from this match.

Well, they at least want you to have consensual sexual relations with the object of your desires. You should try to seduce them if it is at all possible.

If you have been dragging your feet, this is your signal to make a move or commit. If you have been too proud to initiate, or you think you are out of their league, then this is the message to put your ego aside.

This person is a gift for you that you should not take for granted. If you mess it up or can’t get your ego out of the way of your heart, you may lose your chance.

If the Ancestors are conflicting with Eshu, it means that you should either “hit it and forget it” or keep things focused around having children and/or appearances if needed. Do not expect to have an all-around relationship with this person. They are to serve a specific purpose in your life…at least this is how they should be treated. They may care for you, but some people’s background does not allow for much intimacy or any possible room for any illusion that they can afford to not perform their function. This is a common divination result nowadays when people have a “disney” idea of romance that they can for example, not feed their children properly and still be viewed as a good parent, or stress and neglect their partner sexually and still expect monogamy. Some people you have to seemingly mistreat or be harsh with in order to keep them.

If the Ancestors are conflicting with Oshun, it could mean that you are the one in the relationship with the crazy demands or belief that you can be dysfunctional and still have or keep a partner. For some reason, no matter how messed up you are, your Ancestors are loving and strong, and they know that you will have a good life if you stick with this person. So even though you are having doubts about your feelings because you know your potential partner is demanding or “high maintenance”, being with them will be good for you, and your feelings are not what is important because you are flakey and fickle. So your partner is like vegetables. Not your favorite food, but the best thing for you.

Alternatively, if there is a conflict with both Eshu and Oshun, it could mean that your potential partner doesn’t feel much for you, or would definitely not be good for the long term, but they are good breeding material. The babies would be healthy and/or very good additions to humanity.


Oshun is not feeling this relationship.

Either they don’t feel bound to you or you don’t really feel bound enough to them, or don’t feel bound to them the right way. Something is missing here.


Love is a madness.

It is a beautiful madness, but it is a madness. Regardless of how strong and adaptable we humans are, and how mortal we know that we and our loved ones are, we believe that without them the quality and value of our lives are reduced. Even if they do nothing for us practically, we feel attached to them.

It’s okay to feel. Just try to keep the feelings in context. Losing your head will not help you to make the love healthy. At the same time, being too reserved or inhibited won’t move the love forward.

So accept that it is madness. This is what it is supposed to be. So you can be calm and find the joy in it regardless of whether or not it is returned.


This does not necessarily mean that everything is okay or that all hope is lost. It’s just speaking as to how things are at this moment, or what could be if things continue the way they are going.

You are not powerless.

If you prefer a reading by a human, contact K. Sis. Lasher.

Blessings and Ashé!


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