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Hearts Afire Love is a wonderful gift from Oshun. It is the reason mankind hasn’t died out. Every creature from the tiniest microbe to the largest sea mammal seeks some sort of union and affection in its way. As crucial as love is to life though, it can be wrought with fear and frustration. To help clear away some confusion and figure out whether you are compatible with someone you love, or if there may be some problem, I do a love reading. It’s a fast way to at least know where things stand at the moment.

This “automatic” love reading engine is fueled by daily observance as well as special offerings to Orisha Orunmila, Ogun, and Sheloya’s personal spirit allies, to promote accuracy. It is provided for cultural and entertainment purposes only, and not meant to replace professional advice or therapy. There is very little chance that the reading will come out totally wrong, but if it seems a bit grim it doesn’t mean all is definitely lost. On the other hand, even if it is relatively positive, it doesn’t mean that nothing can go wrong. Though the road may be somewhat predestined, how we choose to travel and our attitude about it is still up to the individual.

If you just want to know quickly what the Orishas have to say about your relationship right now, here it is:


Eshu has brought you a learning experience.

This relationship will teach you something important about life and love. It could be an easy lesson or a painful one. It could lead to joy or to pain depending how you approach it.

The important thing now is to pay attention to the signs and signals. When confronted with a situation, think, “What would Eshu do?”

He is the Orisha of doorways and gates, so have an open mind. Listen for content and not to have a witty way to answer back.

He is the Orisha of boundaries, so make sure that even though your mind is open, you do not allow people to step on you or ignore your boundaries.

He is the Orisha of communication, so keep the lines of communication open. Your partner should feel free to speak with you honestly and without fear of retaliation.

He is also wise and cunning, so do not ignore any “red flags” or attempts at negative manipulation.

This is a message to raise your level of awareness and vigilance.


Your Ancestors are neglected.

They might bless your relationship if you gave them more attention.

Visit the grave or memorial site of a benevolent relative who has passed on. If you know their favorite food, make it and bring it to them as an offering. If possible, bring flowers and some good liquor as well.

If you don’t have access to their grave, you may take some offerings to the sea or to a crossroads. You may also have offerings given on your behalf by a mystic or priest of your ancestral faith.


Oshun demands investment.

Oshun, the Orisha of love is also the Orisha of prosperity, and a spouse of the Orisha of currency, Aje Shaluga. There is a saying, “There is no ebbo without Aje Shaluga.”

In African belief systems, we never go to the spirits emptyhanded. This would be disrespectful. Metaphysically, across all belief systems, esoterics and mystics understand that energy flows, and if we want our prayers answered, the energy to make things manifest must come from somewhere. So we give offerings.

If you get this message, it could mean that you need to give offerings to Oshun. If you are taking or anticipating the provider role in your relationship, it could also mean that you need to invest more resources in your partner or potential partner. Take them on a real date. Buy them gifts. Do something to show that you are willing to invest resources in your relationships.

Also give offerings to Oshun since she is the provider of romantic and bonding sentiments.

If you are the more conventionally feminine, homemaking, and nurturing partner in your relationship, this message could mean that it is your loved one who is too stingy with their resources. Their lack of investment indicates either a lack of commitment, or that you are not expressing your needs enough.

You have no call to be insecure. Your worth is not measured in how much money you make or don’t, same as theirs. You love them even though they are giving you little or nothing materially. They should love you the same.

The only difference is one of delegation of roles. Whatever gender either of you are, if you are the one who tends to cook, make sure everyone is well, clean up, and take care of people’s practical needs, your partner needs to be supportive, or this relationship will not make it into the long term.

If they make you feel bad for asking for things like going on a real date or things to make your life easier so you have time and energy for them, something is wrong there. Change it sooner rather than later or you are teaching them a bad lesson about life and love. “Love is a verb.”

No One Way

Love hurts.

Love always causes pain. It always begins with the awareness of the fear of losing our connection with the person we love. In fact, the way that the people we love could hurt us the most is by rejecting us.

The way to lessen this pain is not to love people less, but to understand that though love itself is eternal, the feeling of love in mortal beings is temporary. It will either die or it will change.

Understanding this, people who intend to be spouses for life should allow each other and the love between them to change and grow, or it will die. Sometimes it means stepping out of one’s comfort zone in order to continue to relate to each other. Sometimes it means opening the relationship. Either way, if love must be restricted to a specific circumstance, it simply cannot last. It will die as soon as the circumstances change in that case.

Like a muscle that cramps up if it doesn’t move for too long, love must be flexible to not end in pain.


This does not necessarily mean that everything is okay or that all hope is lost. It’s just speaking as to how things are at this moment, or what could be if things continue the way they are going.

You are not powerless.

If you prefer a reading by a human, contact Sis. Lasher.

Blessings and Ashé!


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